Succulents That Bloom?

Answer Succulents are plants whose fleshy leaves, stems or roots are designed to act as a reservoir to provide the plant with water as needed. These plants are ideal for xeriscape gardens, but many succul... Read More »

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Identification of Succulents in Bloom?

Drought-tolerant succulents are fleshy, thick tissue plants adapted to storing moisture. Many succulents store water in their leaves. Other succulent plants like cactus store water only in the stem... Read More »

How do you get your aechmea bromeliad to bloom you have 3 different plants that have never bloomed over a period of a couple yearshow can you make it bloom?

Young bromeliads will not bloom. It takes thee or four years at least for the plant to be mature enough to bloom.If your bromeliad was blooming when you got it, it will not bloom ... Read More »

When do stargazer lilies bloom&how long do they stay in bloom?

Stargazer lilies should be planted in early spring and will quickly bloom within two weeks of planting. The beautiful stargazer lily can stay in bloom for two to three weeks.References:Types of Flo... Read More »

Flowers That Bloom at Midnight?

While most of the world sleeps after the sun has gone down and the moon is high, certain special and rare flowers choose this quiet, inauspicious time of the day to come alive in full bloom. Certai... Read More »