Subwoofer beside Computer monitor?

Answer There are several things to consider here. First, the strong magnetic field from the speaker magnet will effect the colors (and possibly warp the image) on a tube CRT type monitor. Even if the subw... Read More »

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Can I use a computer monitor as a TV and a PC Monitor and play my Xbox and Computer on it?…

I bought an lcd monitor to replace my old monitor. Will it make my computer slower?

nope, wont make it faster either. its not related. i just got my first LCD too , pretty stuff

How to Hook Up a Subwoofer to Computer?

Playing music on your computer's speakers is a great convenience for those who want to hear their favorite songs while working. However, computer speakers are often lacking in bass pickup. Unfortun... Read More »

Can you convert a computer monitor into a surveillance monitor?

A monitor can be easily converted into a surveillance monitor by installing a web cam with a motion sensor. The sensor will activate the camera and record for a predetermined length of time.Source:... Read More »