Suburban Evaporator Removal?

Answer The evaporator, or EVAP canister, on a Chevrolet Suburban is part of the emission control system. When the engine is running, charcoal within the EVAP canister absorbs fuel vapors from the fuel tan... Read More »

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Blazer Evaporator Removal?

The Blazer A/C system is filled with R-134A refrigerant, which is not commercially available for recharging the system. You will have to have the system drained and filled by a professional before ... Read More »

Chevy Suburban Dash Removal?

Removing the dashboard from a Chevrolet Suburban SUV is necessary to do a number of things: install a radio, work on the air conditioner or replace a gauge or other control mechanism. Although such... Read More »

Suburban Running Board Removal?

The running board on the Chevrolet Suburban is installed for driver and passenger comfort, ensuring easy access to the vehicle's cab. The running board is mounted with a series of brackets, and in ... Read More »

Removal of the Instrument Panel in a Suburban?

The instrument panel in a Chevrolet Suburban relays information to the driver on the running condition of the engine. These instrument panels contain all of the gauges, and if one of the gauges sho... Read More »