Subtraction Counting-Back Activities?

Answer Subtraction counting-back activities offer children a method for learning the order of numbers. This leads to understanding the concept of subtraction as taking away and finding a smaller number, v... Read More »

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How to Do Subtraction by the Counting Up Method?

Subtraction can be a frustrating task for some students, especially when it comes to dealing with larger numbers. One method of subtraction that offers an alternative process is known as the "count... Read More »

The Counting Up Method of Subtraction of Fractions?

Subtraction of fractions is the same as subtraction of whole numbers once you have the same denominator. Getting to common denominators is often the most difficult part of teaching adding and subtr... Read More »

Coin Counting Activities?

Coin counting is a useful skill for young students to learn. It provides an early introduction to the mathematical concepts of addition and subtraction while also being a practical exercise that st... Read More »

Syllable-Counting Activities?

A syllable consists of a word or a word part that includes one vowel sound. The ability to count the number of syllables in a word serves as the foundation for being able to break longer words into... Read More »