Subtle women: What's your code, huh?

Answer I answered this in men's health ~ lol ~ let me try it again where I am woman, hear me roar. :)To directly answer your question ~ I start foreplay. It might be simply kissing, massaging him, or ru... Read More »

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Whats something subtle i can do to my bedroom to make it look nicer?

Clean it! Wash walls, etc. borrow and swap from other rooms to refurnish it, or rearrange it. Get it decluttered and organized to work better if it isn't suiting your needs.You can do a wallpaper b... Read More »

Whats the code for vizio?

If you have a Zenith DTT-901, the code for my radioshack remote was 01414.

Whats your honest opinion about women with visible tattoos?

As long as it's not the same old tribal/butterflies/patterns on the bottom of the back or creeping vines and butterflies up the foot I love them! Tattoos are a form of self expression and I don't b... Read More »

Whats the postal code for beverly hills?

90209, 90210, 90211, 90212, 90213.The most famous is 90210. Well most should know that.