Subtitles in Windows Media Player 11?

Answer Normally you can just add the subtitles to the folder where the movie is playing from and WMP will recognize that file as the subtitle (assuming it is named the same as the movie file with its subt... Read More »

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How to Add Subtitles to Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player is a media program offered to users of Microsoft Windows. Windows Media Player can play both audio and video files found on your computer, or on outside sources, including exte... Read More »

How to add subtitles on VLC media player?

Don't know if this it the easiest way to it but here goes.If you open VLC - go to "File" - >"Open file" - under tab "file" you have "Open" (movie) and "Use subtitles file".I think you can right cli... Read More »

VLC media player, korean subtitles help!!!?

Try this: download Mpcstar. it.When you're playing the movie right click on the video and go to the subtitle side-menu then hit Load Subtitle File. It should automati... Read More »

How do I add subtitles to movies in Windows player classic?

Adding Subtitles to MoviesConnect to the Internet. After connecting, open the Windows Media Player Classic. Click "File," and point to "Open File." Click "Browse," and select the movie that you wan... Read More »