Subtenant Rights in California?

Answer By definition, a subtenant is a person who leases property from another tenant, not directly from the property owner. There are specific laws and stipulations regarding subtenancy, and these change... Read More »

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How to Evict a Subtenant?

A subtenant rents from a tenant, who rents from a landlord. A tenant cannot legally have a subtenant if it is not allowed in the lease terms or if the landlord does not agree. The original tenant a... Read More »

Squatter's Rights in California?

Squatter's rights are referred to as adverse possession in modern legal parlance. Adverse possession allows a trespasser to enter someone else's land and gain anything from a small easement (such a... Read More »

Rights As a Landlord in California?

Among the inalienable rights enumerated in the California Constitution are the rights to acquire, possess and protect property. In essence, these are the basic rights associated with being a Cali... Read More »

California Voting Rights Law?

California recognizes several voting rights for residents of the state. These include rights that explain how the vote is held, as well as how voter eligibility is determined. California also has r... Read More »