Substituting cake flour?

Answer I've always just used all purpose (plain) flour when making angel food cake. Sift it before measuring and use a little less than specified.

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My cake recipe tells me to use all purpose or cake flour?

All Purpose flour is just good old Plain flour. If you are using self raising flour and the recipe calls for baking powder as well then just leave that out, or put less in.

Cake flour Vs. All purpose flour?

Cake flour has less gluten than all-purpose flour, which can mean getting a tenderer cake. More gluten can make things more chewy; desirable in bread, not so much in cakes. Bread flour has even mor... Read More »

Self rasing cake flour?

Self-raising flour (self-rising in the U.S.) typically contains a little salt, so don't add any more. Check the package for the ingredients to see if salt is added. Same with the baking powder.Baki... Read More »

How to Make Cake Flour?

cake flourAre you making a cake, but don't have cake flour around? In this article are instructions for making cake flour out of regular flour so you don't have to buy some specialized flour(when i... Read More »