Substitutes for an Audio Transistor?

Answer Discovered in 1947, the transistor has been described as the most important invention of the 20th century. These small, semiconductor devices are responsible for most amplifiers, computer processor... Read More »

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How to Tell a PNP Transistor From an NPN Transistor?

In bipolar junction transistors, the letters "P" and "N" refer to the type of semiconductor layers used for the transistor's base, collector and emitter. NPN and PNP transistors come in a variety o... Read More »

Why transistor is called transistor of resistor?

We can say a transistor contains diodes. But generally we cant say it contains resisters. Because they are too different in their structure. So as i heard it would newer called like that.

Are meat substitutes (or "meatless" substitutes) considered to be processed foods?

processed? very much so. very, very much so. i do agree it is a unique product. very strange; not something i'm comfortable with at this point. Fusarium venenatum, grown in vats, (it's not a mu... Read More »

How to Open an NPN Transistor?

Invented in 1947, the transistor is among the paramount inventions of the 20th century---found in nearly all electronics for its ability to instantaneously amplify electrical power or switch it on ... Read More »