Substitutes for Chicken Bouillon Cubes?

Answer Although bouillon cubes are easy to use and have a long shelf life, they also have a high salt content because they are dried, concentrated amounts of stock. Cooks concerned about their sodium inta... Read More »

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Can I use chicken stock cubes for chicken broth?

YesThe current fad for "stock" is largely because the cubes are viewed as being too salty.Add some onions, they help a stock and cook quickly. Even better add a few lentils as they make a "beefy"... Read More »

How long do chicken cubes need to cook in a crockpot?

In a crockpot, cubed chicken should be cooked between four and six hours on the high setting or between six and eight hours on the low setting. Other ingredients can be added to the chicken with no... Read More »

I am in a fowl mood, what is a good recipe for chicken cubes?

I like super hot food but since not everyone does I will say how about cut up some broccoli and red sweet pepper and mushrooms and let it simmer ( I use spray and just a bit of salt and like my veg... Read More »

How to Make Fresh Soup With Your Own Vegetable/Chicken Ice Cubes?

It is getting close to that time of the year again, when the cold winter wind blows, the snow begins to fly, and the thought of a nice steamy bowl of fresh soup comes to mind. There is nothing like... Read More »