Substitute Teacher Time Filler Ideas?

Answer Entering an unfamiliar classroom and leading students through the day can be a daunting experience for substitute teachers. Deciphering another teacher's plans and timing activities so they fill ea... Read More »

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Creative Lesson Ideas for an Elementary Substitute Music Teacher to Follow?

Substitute music teacher lessons are usually determined by the music teacher. There are those times, however when teachers don't expect to be absent and substitute teachers must come up with creati... Read More »

How Do I Become a Substitute Teacher in NYC?

Working as a substitute or per-diem teacher in New York City is an ideal way to get teaching experience, or make some extra money while studying to become a New York State certified teacher. NYC su... Read More »

How to Act when You Have a Substitute Teacher?

So you have a substitute teacher? Many kids will find anyway they can to take advantage of them. But, you should help them and behave so your teacher receives a good report when he/she gets back.

How to Freak out a Substitute Teacher?

If your teacher is ever sick and you are bored then add a bit of fun to your day by scaring the sub. It is amazing how much fun this will add to your day.