Subshells and Whatnot?

Answer He ------ 1s(power)2C -------- 1s(power)2 2s(power)2 2p(power)2 (or) [He] 2s2 2p2Ar ------- 1s(power)2 2s(power)2 2p(power)6 3s(power)2 3p(power)6 (or) [Ne] 3s2 3p6K -------- 1s(power)... Read More »

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I need help with Coffee names and whatnot. Help, please?

Depends on what you're making. I mix cafe cubano with milk for cafe de leche. I don't "cappuccinos". If you're just having coffee, use creamer. Milk is for tea. Anc foffe with a littel sugar to swe... Read More »

How do I connect my laptop to my tv so I can watch online movies and whatnot?

Hi,You can use the VGA out on your laptop and VGA in on your TV for the video. Both look like this: cable male-male will not set yo... Read More »

What does backing up your iphone do will it erase all my contacts/photos and whatnot?

No, it simply saves everything in a different location so that you do not lose it all should something happen to your phone.