Subrogation & Bankruptcy?

Answer The commonality between subrogation and bankruptcy is the recovery of debt. Besides this characteristic, the two concepts are quite different. Subrogation deals with the recovery of funds by insura... Read More »

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Subrogation Process?

Many people become familiar with the subrogation process after an automobile accident, when their insurance company is attempting to determine who is responsible for paying claims. That's not the o... Read More »

What is insurance subrogation?

Insurance companies retain the right to pursue third parties for reimbursement of claims they have paid to and on behalf of their insureds. The right to recovery from third parties is known as sub... Read More »

What is the principle of subrogation?

Company A holds your primary insurance coverage and A is involved in a claim situation with B--whether an individual or company. Company A can pay for the claim or its responsible portion of the cl... Read More »

Waiver of Subrogation?

what is waiver of subrogation