Submissive Incontinence in Dogs?

Answer You come home from work and your dog greets you by rolling onto its back and urinating on itself. It is a messy problem, and it could make your worry about your dog's health. While your dog probabl... Read More »

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What is Proin for incontinence in dogs?

When urinary incontinence strikes dogs, owners are often left to deal with a very frustrating situation. Thankfully, there are several effective medications that may help dogs suffering from this c... Read More »

Incontinence in Dogs With Diabetes?

If a diabetic dog has forgotten his housetraining, blame his medical condition and not his temperament. Canine diabetes causes dogs to drink excessive amounts of water, which may lead to urinary in... Read More »

Sudden Incontinence in Dogs?

Your dog is suddenly urinating in the house. She wets herself when she is sleeping, and unconsciously dribbles urine. She may be licking her genital area more frequently than normal and, because of... Read More »

Proin for Incontinence in Dogs?

When incontinence strikes man's best friend, the outcome may be quite a frustrating ordeal. Even the best house-trained dogs may ultimately be prone to accidents in the house when affected by incon... Read More »