Subjects in World History?

Answer World history focuses on stories of ancient civilizations, conquerors who traveled the globe, and the inventors and explorers who helped shape modern life.

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Subjects to Teach in World History to 6th Graders?

World history includes a diverse group of subjects, ranging from the ancient Greeks to mighty empires, and on to the expansion of European traders and colonists as they settled the newly found worl... Read More »

How to Get an "A" in AP World History?

Everyone wants to get an "A" in the subjects they are studying, but for those taking an Advanced Placement (AP) course, getting an "A" is even more important. Not only does it look good on your rep... Read More »

Grade 9 History: Causes of World War I?

World War I, which was also known as "The Great War," was the first global war. Several countries witnessed and endured four years of never before seen warfare--a combination of trench warfare, mac... Read More »

What era in American history was World War II?

World War II began during The Great Depression period of American history. The Great Depression began in 1929, and despite Franklin Delano Roosevelt's persistent attempts through New Deal policies ... Read More »