Subject-Verb Agreement Interactive Games?

Answer Interactive games as a means to reinforce concepts taught such as subject-verb agreement are effective when they are challenging, presented in an age-appropriate format and give an immediate respon... Read More »

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How to Introduce Subject-Verb Agreement?

Having a firm understanding of the English language is essential to a well-rounded education. Without a mastery of grammar and sentence construction, students will have difficulty in any subject th... Read More »

Subject-Verb Agreement Lessons?

Proper grammar dictates that subjects and verbs in a sentence agree. This is something that is taught from grade school on throughout life. For a person to earn the respect of others with his writi... Read More »

Principles of Subject/Verb Agreement?

Both the subject of an English sentence (usually the noun) and the verb of the same sentence (generally the word that describes the action of the subject) are integral to clear grammar. Occasionall... Read More »

Why is subject-verb agreement important?

Writing, a skill required by many jobs on the planet, contains many chances for mistakes that can make your writing unclear or even unreadable. Understanding the significance behind subject-verb ag... Read More »