Subject & Predicate Agreement?

Answer In the English language, every sentence has two main pieces. The "subject" is the noun of the sentence, and the "predicate" is the verb. Singular subjects take singular verbs, and plural subjects t... Read More »

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How to Find the Subject & Predicate?

Locating the subject and predicate in a sentence is an English grammar skill you begin learning as early as the first grade. It is important to understand this because a sentence is not considered ... Read More »

Subject Predicate Games for the Classroom?

Learning basic sentence structure can be boring. Amuse students while teaching them the difference between subjects and predicates and how they function in sentences using computer games, chanting... Read More »

Subject and Predicate Games for Kids?

Games are a great way to teach grammar to young learners. Learning about subjects and predicates is an essential yet challenging element of fundamental grammar for elementary students. Bring a vari... Read More »

8 Rules of Subject Agreement?

English grammar is not always easy. There are many tricky and complicated rules: For instance, some of the rules of subject agreement are straightforward, while others need more careful scrutiny an... Read More »