Styles of Picnic Shelters?

Answer Picnics with homemade food, friends and games, are a highlight of the summer season. The threat of rain or high bouts of heat might be enough to send a picnic inside. With a shelter over the picnic... Read More »

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Homemade Picnic Basket & Picnic Blanket?

Putting together a homemade picnic basket and picnic blanket is a fun way to celebrate the outdoors. Imagine sitting under a shady tree in your favorite park while sipping a glass of wine and nibbl... Read More »

Tax Tips & Shelters?

Proper tax preparation takes all year. Congress designated specific expenditures to have tax advantages as a way of encouraging taxpayers to take certain action. Taking advantage of these tax tips ... Read More »

Types of Outdoor Shelters?

Sometimes people find themselves in situations where traveling to safe shelter is either impractical or impossible. During those times in the wilderness, it is necessary to have knowledge of the co... Read More »

Disadvantages of Homeless Shelters?

Homeless people live in parks, cars, fields, condemned buildings and other unsuitable areas. Some of the homeless even sleep on sidewalks. Many cities and organizations have established shelters to... Read More »