Stupid question...?

Answer first, not a stupid question...i think its interesting! unfortuanatly for us...everything but air (and mabey water) has calories

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Stupid question?

stupid answer. do unicorns fly in outerspace on tuesdays? ur welcome.

Stupid do you make a BLT?

whoa, calm down first answer dude.Typically it has mayonnaise on the bread nearest to the lettuce or on both. However, mustard and pickles are permissable :)

I have a stupid question...?

Nope your a fattt assss buffalo.sorry =[now wtf kind of question is that.

Stupid question but i was wondering.......?

this isnt a stupid question dont woryyour baby cant make noise because there is no air to vibrate his/her vocal cords, but they do practice crying and breathing with the amniotic fluid, i thought t... Read More »