Stung by a wasp. Help would be appreciated?

Answer Dab the stings with some vinegar.

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Just got stung by a wasp! help?

Health wise you should be just fine. You're not allergic (and not experiencing any symptoms that would prove otherwise). It might swell a little later but that's normal. Ice is a good idea to apply... Read More »

I got stung by a wasp what should i do to help the pain?

Ibuprofen and ice for the pain. Baking soda & water paste for the itching.

Help! I am at work and I just got stung by a wasp! Twice!?

I don't believe it! No one knows the first aid for stings?? It is of course AMMONIA. And if you do not have it handy what do you do? you pee on it of course. You do know don't you all, that urine... Read More »

Any help would be appreciated?

The best ones I can suggest are pyracantha, laurel, virburnam, berberis, conifers, good old ivy or viginia creeper,If you trying one of the latter 2, then also plant a couple of clematis montana. T... Read More »