Stung by a bee 4 times?

Answer Bees are venomous insects, when they sting you they inject a very mild venom. It irritates your skin and it's very painful but it's not dangerous in itself. They sell creams and sprays at your loca... Read More »

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What is good for bee sting I walked through a swarm, I was stung 9 times...?

If you are stung by a bee:Call emergency medical services if you have a history of severe reactions to insect stings or if you experience any severe symptoms as described above. Determine if the st... Read More »

Is there any reason why urine is really yellow at times and at other times not?

The colour of the urine is caused by a yellow pigment called UROCHROME secreted by the kidneys in a fairly constant amount per day and everyday. The kidneys normally excrete about 1500mls of water... Read More »

Why is it at times cable internet is so fast then other times it is slow?

It's cool to be first in line. I get first hit at the cable wire.Doesn't work that way, but my neighbors think it does.It is true, with Cable you share the bandwidth, but everybody gets hit at the... Read More »

How many times can you urinate in a day I'm worried I may go too much, been 7 times in thes last 46 minutes.?

You may be a diabetic. It's your body's way of gettin rid of excess glucose. Check with ur DR