Stuff to do for my fourteenth birthday im a boy i want about four to six guests girl and boy?

Answer Arcade, car racing, pool party, dinner then sleepover, snowboard riding, and maybe movies It depends on your location curfew and budget but happy early birthday!!!!!!!

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I want to throw a sleepover for my 20th birthday, don't want any kiddie stuff?

Play truth or dare and would you rather. Talk about High School.Drink but, don't drive.

Lasagna dinner four four year olds birthday what should i do for side dishes?

First of all, good for you for serving real food to the kids - I don't understand this idea that children should only eat chicken nuggets, fries and hotdogs... they've got tastebuds and they have t... Read More »

How to enertain guests at a birthday party?

Get one of the "Scene It" games that you play with the board and dvd player. There's movie trivia's such as "Twighlight" or you can do cartoons such as "Simpsons." Get them at Walmart. Guaranteed fun!

I taught my daughter about gay marriage, and now she doesn't want to marry a girl. What did I do wrong?

She just hasn't met the right girl yet. Give her time, darling. x