Studies About IQ?

Answer Studies about IQ have come to the conclusion that religious people are less intelligent than atheists. According to a 1986 article in Free Inquiry magazine, "Studies have consistently found that th... Read More »

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About Liberal Studies?

Although no longer in the ancient western tradition of seven specific areas of study, liberal arts remains an important and widely studied part of most undergraduate college curricula. As distingui... Read More »

Studies About Extracurricular Activities?

Extracurricular activities, that is, activities performed outside of regular school hours, can include athletics, community service, academic clubs, and community groups. Based on several studies p... Read More »

About Gifted Curriculum for Social Studies?

Teachers can use the Integrated Curriculum Model to enrich the regular social studies curriculum. An integrated curriculum introduces students to core concepts. After showing mastery of the core i... Read More »

What are the theories and studies about child abuse?

Among other things, tragically, it is out of control among the Clergy.