Student loans in a default?

Answer try to aim for grants/scholarships more... they are not to be paid back. its confusing sometimes, but just keep applying. every big (and small) company you see (manufacturer, orgs, corps and groups... Read More »

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What Loan company will take over my federal student loans when the loans are in default?

When your federal educational loans are in default, you have several options:You can repay the loan in full.You can negotiate a new payment plan with your lender.You can "rehabilitate" your loan.Yo... Read More »

How to Default on Student Loans?

Student loans seem like a good way to finance a college education. Interest rates on student loans are low, and borrowers don't have to start repaying student loans as long as they continue to go t... Read More »

What percent of student loans are in default?

About 7 percent of U.S. federal student loans were in default as of 2008, which was the latest data available, according to "The New York Times." This was a slight increase from the 6.7 percent rat... Read More »

What percentage of co-signed student loans default?

The default rate on student loans has traditionally been about 5 percent. An announcement in 2007 by the U.S. Secretary of Education said that the rate was 4.6 percent, though the rates can vary, ... Read More »