Student loan questions... i need some info.?

Answer student loans very rarely require credit checks. as long as you are not in default w/ your taxes, i dont see why you cant get one. also check out financial aid (fafsa)

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Can a high school senior get a student loan w/o submitting her parent's tax info?

When you fill out FAFSA and it asks about your parents it will ask if you if they have filed/will filled/ or will not file. I have never picked will not file but I assume it will ask you about thei... Read More »

Student Loan related questions?

Nothing is wrong with taking out a $5,000 loan. You probably wont qualify for a PLUS Loan or any federal loan since you were on schlolarship. My only advice to you is take out a private loan thru ... Read More »

Can a student loan issuing company (private bank) force you to pay off the student loan before you graduate?

If you are still in school no. It is called a deferment. They can only make you pay if your at in school 6 months later. That is stated in all student loan contracts. Go to your financial aid depar... Read More »

Whats the best student loan should i get from the school is wells fargo i great place to get a student loan?

Apply for the federal student loan program by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The application is available on line at The federal student... Read More »