Student loan payments - when do they get put into your bank?

Answer Are you talking about loans from Student Finance Direct?If so.. mine are always in on the day they say they should be, this month i am waiting til 27th april.Lucky you getting it before in the past... Read More »

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Can a student loan issuing company (private bank) force you to pay off the student loan before you graduate?

If you are still in school no. It is called a deferment. They can only make you pay if your at in school 6 months later. That is stated in all student loan contracts. Go to your financial aid depar... Read More »

What bank is the best bank to borrow a student loan (either stafford or private loan)?

depending on your credit experience, assets and income.If your score is great, why not getting a low-interest credit card ?Plus a bank loan (big banks are better), your on the way !

I have a private student loan taken out from a bank (T.E.R.I) loan and I defaulted on 2 of the loans?

Private loans have no such rehab options that you are asking about. The rehab options are only available for federal loans. This is why private loans are evil. If you were to die or become disabl... Read More »

Student Loan payments?

The answer depends dramatically on the financial need of the student in question and the cost of attending school. If there are scholarships involved then this number changes dramatically.Amount ta... Read More »