Student Presentation Tips?

Answer No matter how much you dread public speaking, there will come a time in your college career when you will have to give a presentation. Whether you are giving an hour-long talk on a research project... Read More »

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Class Presentation Tips?

You have been assigned to give a presentation to your class at school. Giving a quality presentation is best accomplished by thoroughly knowing your material, planning your delivery, and practicin... Read More »

English Presentation Tips?

While many people associate writing with English classes, increasingly students are asked to give oral presentations. Whether formal or informal, presentation assignments may include discussing key... Read More »

Tips for Organizing a Presentation?

Presentations are a fairly important aspect in the lives of business people and students pursuing higher education. At times, some presenters give poorly organized presentations because they fail t... Read More »

Scientific Presentation Tips?

Giving a scientific presentation is an intimidating process, since, in many cases, instead of simply speaking to the audience, you might be challenged on your methods or results. If you are partici... Read More »