Student Portfolio of Self Assessment Learning Styles?

Answer Creating a portfolio of your assessment of your learning style is not as difficult as it sounds. One of the more common learning style models is the VARK model, which breaks people up into three gr... Read More »

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How to Learn Self-Assessment Styles?

Assessing your style is conducive to better performance as a learner, communicator, leader and person. There is a great deal of emphasis on discovering a personal style, as knowing your style makes... Read More »

Student Self-Assessment Questions?

When students develop the ability to assess themselves, they do not have to rely so much on their teachers to determine if they are succeeding when studying a particular subject or mastering a skil... Read More »

Assessment of Learning Styles?

Educators have focused much attention in recent years on student learning styles, or profiles, and have identified three basic types: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. According to Carol Tomlinson,... Read More »

The Effects of Self-Assessment on Student Achievement?

Self-evaluation is a potentially effective technique, especially for difficult tasks, because it encourages student confidence and excites them about their learning potential. Astute teachers use t... Read More »