Student Economics Activities?

Answer Economics covers a broad range of financial topics from personal expenditures to business financial structure to how countries interact with one another. These concepts can be difficult for student... Read More »

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Student Activities in AP Economics?

AP economics courses cover all of the standard financial topics, such as cost benefit analysis, scarcity, opportunity costs, production possibility frontier and circular flow. After students have m... Read More »

What Kind of Jobs Can an Economics Student Do?

Economics is a social science that studies how firms and households produce, distribute and consume goods and services. The jobs you can get as an economics student, either in the form of a summer ... Read More »

Student Retention & Student Activities in High School?

High school-age students have more freedom and responsibility for their education than those in other grade levels. Because of this freedom and responsibility, student retention at the high school ... Read More »

Activities on Economics?

Economics can be taught to individuals of varying ages through a range of activities. From elementary school to college, classroom activities can make the principles of supply and demand, investmen... Read More »