Stucco Color Ideas?

Answer Stucco is a strong and versatile building material that can be used on indoor walls as well as the exterior of buildings. The color palate available for stucco is immense, and the possibilities are... Read More »

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What color is brushwood stucco?

The color of brushwood stucco can vary slightly; as like any color, brushwood has different shades. Generally, brushwood stucco will be a warm light brown or tan with a pink undertone.Source:My Per... Read More »

Does stucco change color as it cures?

Stucco gets lighter in color as it cures. It takes 28 days after the application of the final layer of stucco to see the ultimate color. Minor variations in the color of the finished stucco is norm... Read More »

How long does it take a stucco color coat to dry?

There are three layers to a typical stucco application: the scratch coat, the brown coat and the color coat. The cure time for the scratch coat is 48 hours. Next, apply the brown coat, letting it c... Read More »

How do i paint a stucco ceiling a matching color?

Choose ColorChoose a paint color for the ceiling that is several shades lighter than the wall color. This will make a small room seem larger. On the contrary, a large, open room feels cozier and sm... Read More »