Stubborn acne/acne scars help :(?

Answer I know how this sounds. Just try it.Wash your face by soaking it in sea salt water. Fill tupperware with comfortably warm water. Mix in enough sea salt so that if you accidentally open your mouth a... Read More »

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I use to cut myself 2 years ago. And still have the scars. Is there anything I can do to remove the scars?

I can relate... I have this stuff called bio-oil... I dont know what store you can get it in, but it was from canada. It gets rid of scars from mosquito bites to.. Cuts. You can probably google it.... Read More »

How to pop a stubborn zit?

Use hot water on towels to make compresses. Apply to zit. Heat will make the pus rise and come to a head.

How to Be Stubborn?

This is a "How to" for anyone who wants to be more stubborn. Perhaps you feel like a doormat, or you feel that people just don't listen to you. Being stubborn can help you to be more assertive and ... Read More »

How to Stop Being Stubborn?

Being stubborn can end up ruining your chances in life if you don't learn to put limits on your stubbornness. Sometimes standing your ground is important but so is compromise, so is cooperation, an... Read More »