Stubbed toe question...?

Answer That sucks, but OMG do NOT waste money at the ER for a broken toe! They charge you out the *** for the stupidest things. Worst case broke your toe. Easy way to speed up the healing p... Read More »

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I stubbed my toe!!!!?

Tape it to the toe next to it for support. It will help with the pain and to help you walk. Use ice, crushed or cubed in a freezer bag wrapped in a towel, on for 15-20 minutes, then off for 10. ... Read More »

Stubbed my toe, now its black?

Yes, keep it in ice. If it doesn't heal see a doctor or someone who can help.

How to Treat a Stubbed Toe?

A stubbed toe isn't very much of a serious injury, and treating one is usually pretty simple, but you should always check for signs of a broken toe.

How to Treat an Infected Stubbed Toe?

Did you stub your toe and it's hurting like heck? Is it infected, bruised or pussy? Are you wondering how to treat it? This article tells you exactly what to do, from experience, and advice from an... Read More »