Stubbed toe question...?

Answer That sucks, but OMG do NOT waste money at the ER for a broken toe! They charge you out the *** for the stupidest things. Worst case broke your toe. Easy way to speed up the healing p... Read More »

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I stubbed my toe!!!!?

Tape it to the toe next to it for support. It will help with the pain and to help you walk. Use ice, crushed or cubed in a freezer bag wrapped in a towel, on for 15-20 minutes, then off for 10. ... Read More »

Stubbed my toe, now its black?

Yes, keep it in ice. If it doesn't heal see a doctor or someone who can help.

Please help! I stubbed my toe about an hour ago and......?

With the swelling and bruising, i would not be surprised if it isn't broken. If you hit with an impact hard enough to cause such surface trauma, I would most definitely get it checked out. And even... Read More »

How to Treat a Stubbed Toe?

A stubbed toe isn't very much of a serious injury, and treating one is usually pretty simple, but you should always check for signs of a broken toe.