Struts Vs. Coilovers?

Answer A vehicle's suspension has a direct effect on ride comfort, handling and height. MacPherson struts suspension uses a simple shock absorber design. Coilover suspension offers ride height and corneri... Read More »

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How to Set Up Coilovers?

Coilovers are very popular suspension components, because they allow the owner to fine tune the vehicle's height with a few turns of a wrench.

How to Cut Coilovers?

When cars and trucks first began to be customized by owners, they didn't have access to what are now called "bolt-on" parts. They had to make due with what they had. While these techniques still wo... Read More »

How to Put on Coilovers?

Coilover shock absorbers use a metal coil wrapped around the outer shock casing to provide assistance to the suspension when towing or hauling heavy loads. The shocks on most trucks can be directly... Read More »

How to Raise H&R Coilovers?

H&R coilover systems feature threaded shock bodies which allow for threading the lower shock body up and down the shock assembly. Threading the lower shock body upward decreases the overall shock l... Read More »