Stroop Effect Science Projects?

Answer The Stroop effect is the name given to a psychological phenomenon first explained in English by John Ridley Stroop, after being presented in a 1929 German paper. The effect demonstrates reaction ti... Read More »

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Cause & Effect Science Projects?

When you boil an egg, you cause the inside of the egg to harden. Therefore, when you drop the egg on the ground, the resulting effect is that the eggshell may crack, but the insides will not splat... Read More »

Science Projects on the Greenhouse Effect?

The Earth's temperature is controlled by gases that release into the air in order to absorb heat as it bounces from the Earth's surface into the air. If such gases did not exist, the Earth would be... Read More »

Science Projects on the Effect of Insulation on Ice Cubes?

Studying and experimenting with the effects of thermal insulation with a common household item such as ice cubes allows a student to understand the process of energy retention and the importance of... Read More »

Science Fair Projects Using the Placebo Effect?

The placebo effect is a phenomena in which a patient's symptoms are alleviated because they believe that a particular treatment will work. Some consider the placebo effect to be a real product of p... Read More »