Strong neck pain, help please?

Answer just pop some pills

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Strange neck pain, please help?

Could be vertebrae are out of place, or pulled muscle, cyst, tumor, cancer.You won't know til you see a doctor and have xrays.

Please help me, I have shoulder and neck pain!?

Stress can make your shoulders tense. If you do a lot of typing then that can make your muscles in your neck and shoulders ache like a toothache. Have a massage or a nice soak in a hot tub and the ... Read More »

Please help me figure out what is causing my bad neck pain?

your atlas is subluxated. see an hio method chiropractor.

Constant pressure and pain at the base of my skull/top of neck! PLEASE HELP?

if you think that someone can give you a medical diagnosis online based on a paragraph or two of text then you should also see a psychiatrist as you are deluded!!