Stretcher blowout really need help!?

Answer I had the same problem with mine, but mine was a 20mm.My advice is to leave what ever stretcher you have now in, if its still the 12 leave it and let you ear heal around it. It's what did. Just mak... Read More »

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What is a fur stretcher?

Fur stretchers are frames that stretch animal pelts so they can be properly preserved and prepared for use in fur coats and other garments. Manufacturers make them either from galvanized wire or wo... Read More »

What is a stretcher match?

A stretcher match occurs during a professional wrestling match when the competition between two opponents ends because one is taken away on a stretcher by a medical team. The term is used in conjun... Read More »

What Is an Indian Stretcher?

Plains Indians used stretchers called travois to transport their belongings as they moved from place to place. They originally relied on dogs to pull the travois but, after the Spanish introduced h... Read More »

Is my ear stretcher behaving normally!?

It's normal to experience a little scabbing.You may however have torn your skin a little.If the problem continues take it out and try again in a month or so.Also, get some good moisturizer for the ... Read More »