Stress relivers anyone?

Answer excercise! its great, and at the end gives you energy to do whatever you're stressed about!

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11 year old tylenol or pain relivers or something!?

You need to take her to the hospital if she has really lost 15 pounds. Sounds like she has a stomach virus. First things first you need to call your mom and see what she says. There is a chance tha... Read More »

Im allergic to most pain relivers, any suggestions on how to get rid of migraines naturally?

Find someone/place in your area that sells natural/herbal remedies, ask for peppermint oil. I used to have bad migraines someone i worked with had me try it thought the 1st time they were crazy wan... Read More »

Does anyone know how long it take a calcanus stress bruise to heal?

so sorry to hear about the struggles you are facing. There is much research around Whole Body Vibration that addresses the healing times, osteoporosis, etc. Maybe there is a center in your area tha... Read More »

Does anyone else love Cleaning Vacuuming is my favorite way to relax, relieve stress and boost my mood! (-:?