Stress relivers anyone?

Answer excercise! its great, and at the end gives you energy to do whatever you're stressed about!

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11 year old tylenol or pain relivers or something!?

You need to take her to the hospital if she has really lost 15 pounds. Sounds like she has a stomach virus. First things first you need to call your mom and see what she says. There is a chance tha... Read More »

Im allergic to most pain relivers, any suggestions on how to get rid of migraines naturally?

Find someone/place in your area that sells natural/herbal remedies, ask for peppermint oil. I used to have bad migraines someone i worked with had me try it thought the 1st time they were crazy wan... Read More »

What do you do to de - stress yourself?

Spend some time on Y!A ...J&R or P&S... reading the answers and you soon forget your stress because you soon realise there a lot of nutty people out there, like yourself.

How to De stress?

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