Strengths of Apple Computers?

Answer Buying a new computer can be a confusing decision with the many options available. Apple computers are available in desktop, laptop or tablet formats and have a number of advantages over market com... Read More »

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Why does file fragmentation not occur on Apple Macintosh computers like with Windows computers?

Disk optimization is a process in which the physical locations of files on a volume are "streamlined." Files and metadata are re-arranged in order to improve data access times and minimize time mov... Read More »

How to Type an Apple Sign With Apple Computers?

Here is a simple, three-step written tutorial on how to type the famous apple logo by mac on your mac computer.

Are apple computers made in the usa?

Apple Inc. is a U.S. company based in Cupertino, California. Its products, however, are manufactured in Southeast Asia, especially in China. Apple audits its suppliers' manufacturing plants because... Read More »

Who invented apple computers?

Apple Computers were invented by Steve Wozniak, Ronal Wayne and Steve Jobs. The three men invented the Apple I computer, and soon thereafter Wayne left the company, but Wozniak and Jobs continued t... Read More »