Strecthes to help you shoulder and arm?

Answer Try these:Lock your hands behind your back and bring the up as far as you canhold your hands straight up, then slightly bend and bring your arms behind you keeping them straight (palms to the ceili... Read More »

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Ever since I practiced guitar yesterday my shoulder and the part of my arms between my shoulder and elbow have?

Hello There: Guitar ok i played back in the 1960's i had a spanish flat top. You hurt because you were most likely tense. While playing it happens sometimes i know. Get a hot bath and put some Ep... Read More »

New pain feels like tip of a knife poking into shoulder. Is this my frozen shoulder or something else?

You are sleeping on this:…Stupid L1 non-linking!

Shoulder Pain: Left shoulder?

He probably meant that you have normal " wear and tear " in your left shoulder and, based on your symptoms, physical evaluation and, the x-ray results, he was able to provide you with such an answ... Read More »

How to Tap Someone on the Shoulder?

Ever liked playing pranks on someone? Have you ever considered tapping people on the shoulder? If you want to know a unique way just read the steps below.