Strecthes to help you shoulder and arm?

Answer Try these:Lock your hands behind your back and bring the up as far as you canhold your hands straight up, then slightly bend and bring your arms behind you keeping them straight (palms to the ceili... Read More »

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Shoulder Injury Help!?

Honestly, it doesn't sound like a muscular problem or problem with tendons if you have full range. What exactly happened in the injury? All I could suggest without actually seeing you is to take No... Read More »

Shoulder injury! Help!?

It'll get better... Probably that shoulder can't just move... It is just pressure....Good luck!

Shoulder Pain help pls?

Have a hot bath when you get out put voltarol or ibuprofen gel on it like deep heat and just relax it

Help with my "wii shoulder"?

Just rest that shoulder and it should go away soon. You probably just haven't moved your arm in such a way for a long time so it's crammed up a little. Just don't exert too much force on it and you... Read More »