Strategies for Teaching Reading Skills in Art?

Answer Art can be an effective way to teach reading skills to children.When evaluating a piece of art such as a painting, the same strategies can be used when reading a story. The methods used to teach re... Read More »

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Skills for Teaching Reading?

Teaching reading is always going to be a long and plodding process. Whether the students are kids, adults or English as a second language students, the skills of the teacher are important, but what... Read More »

Teaching Reading Skills to Middle School Students?

There is a chance that, as a middle school teacher, you will encounter students whose reading ability is not where it should be. Given your limited time frame with the students, you will have to ba... Read More »

Classroom Teaching Strategies Versus Online Teaching Strategies?

The challenges and demands of classroom teaching are quite different than those of online teaching. Though any classroom, be it physical or virtual, typically relies upon a standard core of strateg... Read More »

Math Teaching Strategies for Teaching Division in the 3rd Grade?

Children develop division ideas naturally before they begin elementary school as they learn to take turns, divide snacks equally and do simple tasks such as setting the table (there are four spoons... Read More »