Strategies for Sight Words?

Answer A person's ability to recognize words instantly by sight is directly linked to reading comprehension. For many students the instant recognition of a word comes after they have been repeatedly been ... Read More »

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Definition of "Sight Words"?

The most frequently used words in the English language, "sight words" are words that a reader automatically recognizes without having to use picture clues or sound them out. These words include ver... Read More »

How to Memorize Sight Words?

Sight words, or high-frequency words that cannot be sounded out phonetically, are encountered often in the English language. Children, as well as adults who are just learning English, can increase ... Read More »

How to Introduce Sight Words?

Sight words are the first terms to enter a child's reading vocabulary. The concept of sight words, or words that children should be able to recognize instantly, was introduced by Dr. Edward Dolch i... Read More »

Essential Sight Words?

Children start learning to read by recognizing words without having to sound them out. These words are often called sight words or high-frequency words. There are two lists of essential sight words... Read More »