Strategies for High School Success?

Answer Success in high school is often a stepping stone to a wider success in life. If you want to enter college or university, it is essential that you study hard. However, in addition to hard work, ther... Read More »

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Goals for Success in High School?

High school is a balancing act between social engagements, extracurricular activities and school work. Parents and teachers add to the act by expecting high school students to prepare for standardi... Read More »

Does high school really contribute to student success?

On One Hand: Time FrameCompleting high school can take three years or more, and students may find the required coursework either boring, too challenging or irrelevant to their future plans. Because... Read More »

How to Achieve Student Success in High School?

Doing well in high school prepares students for life in college and beyond, so achieving student success is important. High school students learn valuable information from class lectures and homewo... Read More »

The Effects of High School Grades on College Success?

Success in college builds on success in high school, effective study habits and a student's level of maturity and responsibility. Researchers in higher education have found many links between high ... Read More »