Strategies and Incentives for Improving Student Achievement?

Answer Many education systems have investigated ways to improve student achievement in schools. The U.S. Department of Education states that effective schools have high standards, intensive parent involve... Read More »

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Strategies for Improving Standardized Test Scores?

Taking a standardized test can be an overwhelming task. Often, schools will look at this score as an indicator to see how you perform under pressure and how you can solve problems using verbal, mat... Read More »

Teacher Incentives & Student Performance?

The link between teacher incentives and student performance is a highly debated one. There are different research findings concerning this subject, making it even more difficult to come to a certai... Read More »

Studies on Incentives for Student Behavior?

In an effort to raise student performance and increase good behavior in school, incentives have been tested and used to varying degrees and in varying levels of education. According to Theresa M. A... Read More »

How to Increase Student Achievement?

The quality of education is a hot topic of discussion amongst educators, educational administrators and politicians. Standardized test scores are particularly low in areas whose students belong to ... Read More »