Strategies Against School Bullying?

Answer Bullying is common in schools today. Children are bullied in a variety of ways. Children can be physically bullied in the form of hitting, kicking or punching, verbally bullied through name-calling... Read More »

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Is bullying in school against the law?

School bullying consists of physical, verbal or psychological abuse against a particular student or group of students. Some U.S. states have specific laws against bullying, but, in other cases, cer... Read More »

How to Defend Against Bullying?

Getting bullied in school, office or anywhere else? This article is for you!

Why are religious people against bullying?

I think anyone who believes in a God of Love will be against someone who belittles and demeans another human spirit.Bullying is an emotional assault just like beating someone up is a physical assau... Read More »

How to Defend Against Verbal Bullying?

Bullies come in different kinds. This article explains how to defend against a verbal bully. The verbal bully uses words as weapons against you. The direct verbal bully says insulting things to you... Read More »