Strangest food you have tried?

Answer Badger Pie (now illegal in the UK).Roast Hedgehog, Roma style(also now illegal).Grey Squirrel in Nettle Sauce.Slug, boiled with herbs, veg and spud (survival course).CrocodileCapibariSnakeFried Loc... Read More »

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What's the strangest food you've ever tried?

After much Globe trekking with a attitude if the locals eat it must be okay ( so very wrong so many many times)I have looked through all your answwers and find myself saying of yeah I remeber that.... Read More »

What is the strangest food your baby has tried?

From reading these answers, apparently everything I feed my baby is 'weird', though frankly I'd say I've never given her anything weird. A typical lunch in my house (because my husband often comes ... Read More »

What is the strangest food that people eat?

Bats are probably one of the strangest, most of them are rabid and let's face it, they are disgusting little creatures!

What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?

shirako from fugu (ie. puffer fish sperm)