Strange wet/cold feeling on right side of head?

Answer Hi Dayna,It could be almost anything, you really do need to get a Doctor to listen to you and give you some good advice.One thing I will say is that I have suffered from panic attacks many times ov... Read More »

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What may cause severe knifelike pain in right hemisphere of head that feels like a stroke stops after a minute or so and leaves a residual flu-like feeling and headache on right side for days after?

There is something called "ice pick migraines" which feel very much like someone has literally jammed an ice pick through your head. They last fewer than 5 minutes (mine last for less than 30 secon... Read More »

Strange feeling in abdomen?

Maybe you have to belch, or could you possibly be pregnant?

Strange Nausea Feeling?

You probably figured that out by yourself by now, but anyway, Slenderman isn't real.He was invented by a guy called Victor Surge(forum name) in 2009 on the Something Awful forums for a Paranormal P... Read More »

Question about strange feeling in my heart.?

sounds like it could be pvc's (google it) they are harmless, but don't feel like they are.. always a good idea to get heart stuff checked out) but you are quite young so should not worry too much