Strange websites need help?

Answer well i dont have any answers for you but that popped iin my window too and it saiid my name soo i acepted and they wrotte me that link to, but i wrotte them back and ask who wuz iit nobody answer m... Read More »

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I need some confession websites Get anonymous help?

Why don't you try networking with priests/psychologists/psychiatrists? They might help. To tell you the truth, everything you put on the web can be hacked and then leaked. It might not be in you... Read More »

I need websites to unblock websites at school?

You can unblock websites with a proxy, here are a few:http://www.15sec.orghttp://www.get-me.nethttp://www.kwimbo.comPlease share them with your friends or on myspace ;)Enjoy ;)

I need to find some really fun websites for my sister and I we are bored and they need to be G rated please?

Strange youtube ad plz help?

It was probably just a stupid ad. Don't worry. :)