Strange taste coming from wisdom teeth area?

Answer Yes, it is just old blood. Blood tastes and smells horrible after wisdom tooth removal. Continue with the salt water rinse, and remember not to swish because swishing will dislodge the clots from... Read More »

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Are my wisdom teeth coming in?

if they are not growing in normally, your dentist will know. And they will know if they are going to do any damage to your other teeth and take them out before it happens. Wisdom teeth take a while... Read More »

Is my Wisdom Teeth coming through?

It is very likely that your wisdom teeth are beginning to erupt. It is time for a call to your dentist to be sure. Quite often there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth or they grow in in a str... Read More »

My wisdom teeth are coming in?

Wisdom teeth aren't necessarily a problem, as long as your jaw is large enough to house one more tooth in the back. We've been growing wisdom teeth since humans began existing, without issue.But, i... Read More »

Wisdom teeth coming in?

Unfortunately, few people have enough room in their mouths for the wisdom teeth to come in. The majority of people have their wisdom teeth removed around the time they start to erupt. The pain you ... Read More »