Strange sharp feelings in my chest...?

Answer These episodes occur till you grow up (20-22), due to hormonal changes as physical maturing is on the way. You better do one hours of physical daily, avoid fast food, coffee,nicotine, stimulants, t... Read More »

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I'm a 37 year old experiencing chest pains - a tightening in the middle of chest with intermittant sharp pains?

I get the same feeling sometimes when I breathe. It hurts. The best thing to do, is just continue to go to your regular doctor and have him run any and every tests possible on you to ease your nerv... Read More »

Strange chest pain?

The pain is in your breast tissue? That doesn't sound heart related, but yes, definitely see a doctor. You might have a muscle tear, or a swollen gland, or something infected. Better to be safe tha... Read More »

Sharp pain in sides and then in chest?

It could be acid reflux, which would come on if you lean forward and it can go up to your neck and even the throat. It can be caused if you have drunk anything acidic.

Sharp pain on left of chest?

No dont take tramadol. !!!! Don t !!!! Just raise your arms in the air in a manner to stretch out. And start to breath slowly. Take it easy in the first seconds because it can hurt really. Keep bre... Read More »