Strange internet connection problem?

Answer ->Make sure that all wires are connected. ->Reset your modem and router. Remove the power cord from the modem and/or router, wait for at least 10 seconds, and then again plug it.->Open Network Diag... Read More »

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Internet connection problem?

You can try resetting the router.On the back of the router, you should se a little hole with a button in it. Take an unfolded paperclip or something similar in size, press and hold it against the b... Read More »

Internet connection problem with my PC?

I have been with this problem many times. It could be the ISP, modem, lower voltage, network adapter, etc. Better check the source I include below.

Someone please help me with my internet connection problem!?

Hey!If you have tried restarting and all of those usual steps that are needed to be done. Then your internet connection is working fine. There are lags on the servers you join in on COD and Fifa 20... Read More »

Can anyone help me with an Internet connection problem please?

Try these:1.There will be a wireless button on your laptop's keyboard area normally with the help of "fn" key you have to enable it.2.There will be a status indicator on your task bar near date and... Read More »