Strange internet connection problem?

Answer ->Make sure that all wires are connected. ->Reset your modem and router. Remove the power cord from the modem and/or router, wait for at least 10 seconds, and then again plug it.->Open Network Diag... Read More »

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Internet connection problem?

You can try resetting the router.On the back of the router, you should se a little hole with a button in it. Take an unfolded paperclip or something similar in size, press and hold it against the b... Read More »

Wireless Internet connection problem!!!!?

On your router, you must use wpa-psk/wpa2-psk and set a password at least 8 characters.On your computer, you do not need modify any set of your wireless adaptor. Just type the password when you con... Read More »

Internet Connection Speed Problem?

You can test your speed here:… Keep in mind that SpyWare and Adware can slow you down. Be sure to use an anti-spyware solution. Several good spyware scann... Read More »

Internet connection problem with my PC?

I have been with this problem many times. It could be the ISP, modem, lower voltage, network adapter, etc. Better check the source I include below.